Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil (1 Ltr)


மரச்செக்கு கடலை எண்ணெய்/Marachekku Groundnut Oil (Traditional Method) – 1 Ltr

About Wooden Cold Pressed / Marachekku Groundnut Oil

Groundnut is also known as goober, finder, peanut, earthnut and ground pea. Wooden Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil is naturally sweet and flavoured edible oil (It is also called Marachekku Kadalai Ennai/மரச்செக்கு கடலை எண்ணெய் in Tamil). It has a deep yellow colour with pleasant nutty aroma and sweet taste. This oil is extracted from pressing machine (old traditional method) at a lowest degree to obtain the maximum nutrients from the nuts. This ground nut oil is very high on energy and contains monounsaturated fats, vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin E.

100% Wooden Cold Pressed / Marachekku Groundnut Oil from Minaliya Goods

Benefits of Wooden Cold / Marachekku Groundnut Oil

Natural Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil

Keeping the body fit & healthy

Advantages of Pure & Natural Groundnut Oil

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